29 Mar, 2022

Throughout history, men were the only ones given the right to an education, to have a job, to vote, or to serve in the military.

But times have changed.

In this 21st century, the world has been seeing women rising to the top, and the ladies in India are not an exception.

The following are some of the most inspiring and powerful women in tech that are showing everyone that overcoming gender biases is now possible:

Debjani Ghosh

NASSCOM has its first-ever woman president in three decades, and she is none other than Debjani Ghosh. Just like her predecessor R. Chandrashekhar, Debjani has remarkable credentials that help her take NASSCOM to a whole new level.

Before she joined NASSCOM, she also worked as Intel’s head of Sales and Marketing function in the South Asia region. She spent more than 20 years of her life working for one of the leading chipmakers in the US.

According to Debjani, it is important to work towards achieving your dreams if you believe in them. Of course, risks will always be involved, and you need to step out of your comfort zones. Failure is the worst thing that can happen, but with each failure comes some rich learning that opens up new opportunities and ideas.

Roshni Nadar

Taking the 54th spot on Forbes’ list of the 100 most powerful women in the world is Roshni Nadar who is considered a legend in her own right. Roshni is the present executive director and CEO of HCL Corporation, Vice-Chairperson of HCL Technologies, the Trustee and Founder of The Habitats Trust, and a Trustee of the Shiv Nadar Foundation.

This inspiring woman used to be a successful NEWS producer in the UK’s Sky News before she joined HCL. She also works as the chairperson and founder of VidyaGyan, which is a leadership academy for the academically gifted and economically disadvantaged children from rural Uttar Pradesh.

Neelam Dhawan

Neelam has more than 35 years of expertise and experience in the IT business having worked for organizations like HP, Microsoft, IBM, and HCL.

She then joined Microsoft and HP India later on for 11 years as the leader and managing director of country companies. Under her leadership, HP introduced the Omen series of gaming laptops, showcasing her problem-solving ability and foresight as she studied the international decline in PC shipments.

Dhawan has also been part of the Global Supervisory Board of Royal Philips since 2012, allowing her to apply and use her knowledge of the IT business to the healthcare industry. She has also been awarded as one of the most powerful women in business by Fortune, Forbes, and other publications.

Aruna Jayanthi

Jayanthi is the managing director of Latin America and Asia Pacific Business Unit of Capgemini, one of the world’s biggest IT consulting companies. She was also the CEO of Capgemini India and was in charge of the performance and integration of more than 56,000 strong employees of the company in India. Jayanthi also works as NASSCOM’s Executive Council Member. She is an NMIMS alumnus where she earned her Master’s in Management Studies in Finance.

Deepa Madhavan

Deepa Madhavan strongly believes in women empowerment with a track record that runs for 20 years, making her an influential figure in the tech world. She manages the global data governance as well as the regulatory data function and regulatory organization for PayPal, the mobile wallet giant.

She also spearheaded PayPal’s technology solution for Data Privacy and is in charge of a dynamic set of global regulatory data solutions. Before working for PayPal, she was also part of companies such as Optimal Technologies, PennWell Corp, and Deloitte.


These are just some of the women who are showing India and the rest of the world that when it comes to tech, everyone and anyone can make it big as long as they have the talent, skills, knowledge, and experience. May they inspire more girls to be part of the tech industry!