06 May, 2022

How computer savvy are your children? It doesn’t matter what their interest level in computers might be because every kid today needs to learn and know some basic computer skills for them to be successful and excel at school and in life as a whole.

With almost everything done on a computer these days, it has become vital now more than ever to be familiar with the fundamentals. Gone are the days when computers were only meant for schoolwork. Computer basics are a life skill that everyone needs, no matter their profession or age. 

Whether it’s grandparents using computers to stay in touch with grandkids, or young kids using them for schoolwork, or teachers using tech in classrooms and so much more, learning about the computer is now a necessity instead of a mere luxury.

Here are the top computer basics that children should know right now:


Coding is no doubt one of the most crucial skills that kids today should learn for different reasons. For one, it is a form of language, and as you might already know, learning a new language helps with proper brain development.

Becoming a proficient coder also helps children understand the technology that runs the world around them and helps turn them into creators from being mere consumers or users of technology. Coding can also help teach kids critical thinking and patience as they learn the ropes of programming. Being concerned about user experience when developing apps, for example, teaches kids empathy.


As a kid gets older, they might need an email address for school or to stay in touch with friends. It often happens once they reach the second or third grade when they are already old enough to write and read well, and before they can join any social media network. However, they still need adult supervision, and you should monitor both their outbox and inbox.

Online Research

Sooner or later, children will use the internet to look for information for their school projects and homework. They will also need an adult’s support here. Although your kid might already be old enough to open and use the computer on his own, if the time comes that their assigned work requires research, often at 8 to 12 years old, you need to guide them with their first research projects. You also need to teach them the right way of using search engines.

Remember that there is more to research than typing terms into the search bar. Remember that not all sites are reliable and trustworthy, and your child is still in the process of learning. See to it that they know the basic search skills.

Children should know where to look for good information, which websites are untrustworthy, and you still need to monitor them continuously in the event that they get off track and find themselves in another part of the internet.

You might also want to set up some parental controls to limit their browsing ability. Once kids understand online research and learn how to work on their own, stay close by as they learn to keep a watchful eye on them and answer their questions if there are any.


Last but not the least, good keyboard skills are important when kids learn at school. It has been revealed that touch typing can increase the speed and accuracy with which children can type. It is also recommended to start early when teaching typing skills since they can pick these up faster than adults. This means that it is better when kids learn how to type sooner.

Encourage your kids to learn these computer basics, and watch them grow as better people ready to face the world!