23 Sep, 2022

Many notable women have been making significant and breakthrough contributions in the field of science and technology throughout the history of the world. However, despite the recent progress and achievements in the field of science and technology, women still make up a very small portion of the researchers in the world. But girls in STEAM are no doubt a force to reckon with and for many good reasons.

There is Ada Lovelace, the English mathematician considered the first-ever computer programmer and the founder of scientific computing. And then there is Rosalind Franklin, the crystallographer, and chemist from Britain who is most popular for contributing research for clarification of the structure of DNA.

There is also Bletchley Park who gained attention during World War II when women made up only 75% of the total workforce there, employed to operate the communications and cryptographic machinery, conduct traffic analysis, and translate documents. All of these notably lead to breaking the German code.

Needless to say, these three ladies were not only prominent women as they were also significant contributors not only to the STEM field but also to history as a whole.

The Need for Girls in STEAM 

Now, you might be wondering, why is there a need for girls in STEAM? Are boys not enough?

Well, the short answer is no. Boys are and will never be enough. Here are the top reasons that make girls a strong force to reckon with in the STEAM fields:

● They Help Boost the Economy

As far as the economy is concerned, girls’ involvement in STEAM workforces through early education for kids is a true win-win situation. A lot of potential will be lost if the world continues to ignore the many benefits that girls in STEAM can offer. While training them through machine learning for kids may be a bit expensive at first, this is nothing compared to the things they can do once they become skilled and fully trained in the field.

● There is a Growing Field of Opportunities Waiting for Them

The STEAM field is constantly growing and expanding by the day. Newer technologies and concepts that were once unknown are being introduced. The involvement of girls in the STEAM field prepares them for tackling and understanding these concepts. This knowledge of vital technologies in the form of artificial intelligence and machine learning for kids ultimately helps them get better at the use of technologies that run the world.

● Source of Inspiration for Future Generations

It has been discovered that more and more kids aspire to become like their heroes. Kids wish to follow in the footsteps of their heroes. But, without women in the field of STEAM, how can you inspire the youth? Having more ladies in the workforce will also attract more kids to the field and encourage them to pursue fields that were once deemed impossible.

● It Improves the Quality of Workforce

Having girls in STEAM helps the field get access to a bigger pool of talents. These talent pools can also bring in a whole new perspective on the daily functions that include the innovation and development of products. This will ultimately improve the workforce and its overall quality.

Girls, it’s time to be part of the STEAM field and prove to everyone that you are powerful in your own right!