19 Feb, 2022

Kids Learning Technology - Do Pros Outweigh the Cons?


Unless you have been living under a rock all these years, you surely know how the world now revolves around technology. New and fresh tech ideas pop up almost every single day to make people’s lives easier, faster, and more convenient. But as kids also become more exposed to technology, many parents cannot help but wonder if exposing their kids to it will bring more advantages than disadvantages. Do the pros of tech outweigh the cons, then? Read on below to discover whether technology should be part of your children’s daily routine or not:


Pros of Technology Use for Kids


●  It creates better and faster decision-making skills. Children who play video games regularly have been revealed to make decisions faster during important incidents in their lives.

● Children can access more information. Technology access gives kids experience culture in different ways that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. It broadens their horizons and knowledge like never before, offering more exciting opportunities.

● Technology improves language skills. Kids can hone their language skills with the help of tech, improve their vocabulary, and boost their learning capacity.

● Technology allows children to develop natural talents and learn new skills. Kids can now use tech to pursue their hobbies and interests, and as a result, it will let them improve their skills and talents while still staying connected with themselves and their families.

● Children are more geared up for the future. Early exposure to tech concepts can prepare kids for the future to ensure that they will remain productive and effective in their chosen careers or professions.

● Technology serves as an educational entertainment source for children. Moments of downtime for kids no longer have to be boring thanks to tech as this can now offer more learning opportunities for them in the form of puzzles, games, and more.

●  The use of technology can improve hand-eye coordination. Today’s apps and programs that encourage engagement can help develop the hand-eye coordination of kids. This skill can translate to better writing and reading in school as they get accustomed to the use of their eyes and hands as means to communicate and understand.


Cons of Technology Use for Kids

● It leads to in-person social disconnects. The use of technology for forming relationships can make it harder to do the same in real-life situations. Kids who spend more time in front of the screen have fewer personal interactions with other people.

● Only virtual accomplishments are made. The virtual accomplishments of kids cannot translate in the real world. While they may know how to play sports on their phones, they might not be able to do it in actuality.

● It affects their eyesight. Kids who have more screen time are at higher risk of suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome. Long hours spent in front of the screen can lead to blurred vision, eye fatigue, double vision, and even a burning sensation.

● It encourages a sedentary lifestyle for children. More and more kids are now struggling with their weight because of constant use of tech that often results in less movement than what is necessary.


With this list, it may seem like the pros of tech outweigh its cons. While it may be true, it is still important to maintain a perfect balance between the real world and the virtual world to ensure that your kids can use tech to their advantage.