01 Nov, 2022


The pandemic's unpredictability forced schools to upgrade their technological systems and compelled instructors to learn and apply new digital technologies. When schools were unable to offer the necessary technical assistance for education, both pupils and instructors suffered.

Whether you're returning to in-person education or sticking with a hybrid strategy, the pandemic has shown us that having flexible tools at your disposal may help reduce the instructional strain. Some instructors are excited to continue using digital tools in the classroom because they make it simpler to follow along as you present live. Our Teachberry Portal, for example, may be utilised both in person and online. Teachers can demonstrate digital resources in real time while students work at their desks in person or at home. With the ability to modify pages, move graphics and text, comment, and add photos, the set of tools also enables for individualised training.

Actionable: Plan out what you'll need for each class at the start of each week, and spend some time getting acquainted with the tools at your disposal. Perform a short "tech check" every morning to reduce the likelihood of a malfunction.


If the Pandemic taught instructors anything, it was that things do not always go as planned. As schools shuttered, educational approaches altered, and technology occasionally failed, educators learned to let go of control and be adaptable. What should be the takeaway? Always be adaptable and have a backup plan in place.

Build an arsenal of supplementary activities and worksheets to keep students engaged and learning in the event of an unanticipated technological malfunction or disruption to your lesson. Having some quick-access materials can keep pupils from becoming sidetracked and will allow you some time to plan your next move.

Actionable: Set aside a folder with supplementary materials each week — preferably, ones that can be utilised both digitally and in-person — so you can pick one out when you need it. If you're utilising Teachberry Platform, you may prepare your lessons in advance and then utilise the one-click assign tool to get students started.


Despite the fact that they could only communicate through a screen, the epidemic highlighted the significance of connections. Social connection is a powerful motivation for improved learning and the development of critical life skills.

Students may have suffered psychologically as a result of being unable to socialise with their peers during the epidemic. Spend some time this school year getting to know your kids and allowing them to get to know one another. One of the most important things we all took away from the epidemic was the importance of connections with children, other teachers, parents, administration, and ourselves.

Actionable: Set aside a significant amount of time each day during the first month of the back-to-school season to get to know your peers and build strong bonds with them.