04 Feb, 2022

What is Data Science? A Beginners Guide to Understanding Data and Its Uses

Do you know what is the 21st century’s sexiest job according to Harvard? It’s being a data scientist!

Wait, what does a data scientist do anyway? These are professionals who study data science. But what is data science?

To finally put an end to your questions, read on below for a quick beginner’s guide on data science and its different uses and applications, and what makes it one of the most recommended computer courses for kids these days.

Understanding Data Science for Kids

Data science is defined as the study of data, what it represents, where it comes from, and how it can be turned into valuable resources and inputs to create IT and business strategies. As a multidisciplinary field, the focus of data is on the use of scientific processes and methods to developinsights based on data. Overall, data science is the practice and understanding of the use of mathematical principles and data to learn more about the world. It can cover everything, from the basic practices of database coding to advanced artificial intelligence developments.

Importance of Data in Science

Data is one of the most crucial assets of any organization. This helps firms improve and understand their processes to help them save money and time. Wastage of money and time, like a failed advertising campaign, can have a severe impact on a business and deplete its resources. The efficient use of data allows businesses to lessen such wastage through the analysis of the performance of different marketing channels and focusing more on those that offer the highest return on investment. This allows companies to generate more leads with no need to increase their advertising spending.

Uses and Applications of Data Science

Thanks to data science, organizations and companies became more intelligent and strategic enough to sell and push products depending on the interest and purchasing power of customers. Here are the common uses and applications of data science in this modern world:

● Airline Route Planning

Data science allows airline companies to decide the class of airplanes to purchase, predict delays in flights, and effectively drive their customer loyalty programs.

● Delivery Logistics

Many logistic companies use data science to enhance their operational efficiency. Data science helped them discover the best shipping routes, the most suitable delivery times, the best transportation mode, and more.

● Digital Advertisements

From those digital billboards that you see at the airports to display banners on the websites you open, all of these ads are decided and chosen with the use of data science algorithms.

● Gaming

Gaming companies took the gaming experience to a higher level with the help of data science. They now design games with the use of machine learning algorithms that upgrade or improve themselves as players progress in their game.

● Internet Search

All search engines use data science algorithms to provide the best results for the searched query of their users in just a matter of seconds.

● Price Comparison Websites

Price comparison websites at a basic level are driven by plenty of data fetched with the use of RSS Feeds and APIs. These websites make it convenient to compare a product’s price from several vendors in one place. If you are currently wondering about the best online courses for kids, encourage them to learn about data science which can help them for more exciting opportunities in the future!