28 Jan, 2022

Why Is It Better to Start a Franchise than a Business?

Have you always dreamt of being an entrepreneur?

Well, consider yourself lucky because your dream doesn’t always have to stay as a dream.

Today, there are lots of innovative ways to turn your dream into reality. You can always start your very own business from scratch, cultivating a new and fresh idea and hoping it will take off.

You can also join an already stable business and work your way to the top through the years. Or, if you like, you can always open a franchise and kickstart your venture with a proven and established business model guaranteed to become successful under your proper guidance and management.

However, these days, it seems that franchising can be considered as the better and easier way to make it big in the business world. There are many benefits associated with franchising that you might not get if you choose to start a business of your own. On top of that, franchising also avoids mods of the struggles and hardships often associated with startup businesses.

To give you a good idea, here are the top reasons why it is better to start a franchise than a business:

Franchises Have More Stable and Solid Foundation

One of the most common reasons why people choose to take part in a franchise rather than a business from scratch since there is already an existing strong and stable foundation. The customer base, the plans for the future, marketing, brand, and almost all the things that new business owners are concerned about are already set and established.

Aside from these, many franchises also have key performance indicators and business reports that provide helpful information to guide you in the best way of running your franchise and making informed decisions for your venture.

You Can Expect More Help from Franchises

Most new business owners don’t have anyone else to rely on but themselves. On the other hand, someone joining a franchise can already count on a company to back them up and give them advice. Owners of a franchise can make the most out of the abundant experience and knowledge that the rest of the franchisers already have to ensure the success of their franchise. Also, the goal of the franchise is to see you succeed because the moment you join them, you also become part of their franchising family.

Franchises Still Have a Startup Experience

While there is a unique sense of fulfillment and satisfaction when you build a business from the ground up, doing so also comes with a lot of risks and challenges. On the other hand, starting a franchise still offers that same satisfying experience of putting up your own business but this time, with fewer risks compared to a startup.

Hackberry Franchise – A Coding Franchise Worth Considering

Hackberry Franchise is a notable franchise business in India worthy to consider if you are planning to make an investment soon. It is a profitable franchise option as it is a movement that helps teach children about coding.


At the end of the day, starting a franchise is better than a business under the right conditions. Opening a franchise in the right spot, and having passionate, talented, and goal-driven people run it can ensure its success.